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About JDDA

About Us

JDDA Group of Companies is a privately held firm with headquarters in Houston, Texas. Founded by Chairman Jason Yoo, the firm emerged onto the Houston scene in 1979 by a combination of ever-present opportunity, sheer determination, and an inner desire to build a business. What started as a small janitorial service with part-time employees soon grew into a burgeoning building maintenance company serving the southern region states in medical, industrial, educational, commercial, and nuclear facilities.

Expansion and investments soon followed with entry into other service-oriented sectors including construction, real estate development, concession management, and restaurant operations. A common thread in the growth of the company has been the ability to see and maximize opportunities as they present themselves.

As a minority-owned business that has achieved dynamic growth, JDDA Group of Companies celebrates 30 years of enterprise, opportunity, and community.

Our Team

Meet our Team


Daniel Yoo

Senior Vice President,



Jason Yoo

Found & CEO

Our Companies

Our Companies

Concession Management
Real Estate Development
Construction Services
Building Services
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