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Jason Yoo

Mr. Jason Yoo received his foundational training in Seoul, Korea’s Myong-Ji University in Public Administration. The principals gleaned from this setting combined with his entrepreneurial drive to enter into the business world were first evidenced in Houston in 1979 as he launched a part-time janitorial service on a $1,000 and sheer determination. In a matter of years, the company grew to one of the city’s Top 25 largest minority-owned businesses.


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Founder and CEO

Mr. Yoo turned opportunities into growth and expanded the building maintenance firm’s reach to 6 states and operations in commercial, medical, educational, construction, refinery, nuclear and government sectors. From this foundation, Mr. Yoo pursued other service oriented business ventures that now include construction, concessions management, food operations and real estate development.


Noted for his business acumen and energetic appeal, Mr. Yoo was appointed by Mayor Lee Brown to serve on the Asian Trade Advisory Board and the Houston 2012 Olympic Bid Committee. He has been the recipient of numerous awards through the years including the city’s Entrepreneurial Award and maintains close ties to the community serving on several non-profit boards. Continued educational achievements include studies at Rice University (Time Management Course) and University of Texas (Community MBA Course).

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